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The best way to experience Tantra is in a longer event, from two days up. It takes time to allow the subtlety of the work to bring its magic to the conscious level.

Current Workshops:

Passionate Union - Valentine's Tantra Workshop, 12-14 February 2016, Dublin

Dynamic Dearmourin, Workshop, November 2015, Dublin

Expanding Love, Workshop, 22 April 2012, Glasgow

Relate To Liberate, Workshop, 21 August 2011, Cork

Relate To Liberate, Workshop, Talk, Sessions, 1-5 September, Glasgow, Scotland

Discover Tantra - Introduction to Tantric Meditations and Tantra Massage, 2-3 April 2011, Dublin

The Secrets of The Jade Egg & Tantric-Shamanic Bodywork, 14-17 April 2011, Cork - Talk, Workshops, Private Sessions

Co-Create, Valentine's Workshop, 13 Febryary 2011, Cork

Secrets of the Heart, 28 March 2010, Cork

Co-Create, Valentine's Workshop, 14 Febryary 2010, Cork

Accelerated Evolution, 8 November '09, Dublin

Gold Boundless Tantra Summer Retreat '09
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The Source and Love, 14-15 Feb. 2009, Cork




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