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Passionate Union

A Valentine's Weekend Tantric Adventure

12-14 February 2016
Holistic Center, South Dublin



Early Bird Prices until 5th February 2016


Valentine's Workshop 2016, TantraIreland.com


Forget the chocolates and roses! Discover the true bliss of love at a Valentine’s weekend Tantra retreat.

You may be in a relationship and wishing to bring it to a deeper level of bliss and communication. Or you may not have found your ideal partner yet and are wondering how to go about it.
Either way Valentine’s weekend raises the question of love. This is exactly why this retreat, exploring love and all connected with it, is offered on this weekend when love is on everyone's mind.

You cannot help but be swamped by displays of flowers, cards and chocolates all very beautiful in their own way. But the season passes and the flowers wither, the chocolates haven’t helped your waistline. And still nothing has happened to deepen your experience of love.

This is where the tantra retreat dedicated to love comes in, a full weekend dedicated to gaining a deeper understanding of love. On this weekend you will discover the techniques that will lead to better communication, a better understanding of your own and your partners sexuality, new insights into how your love could be lighter, more passionate, more rewarding.

Where human emotions and a growth in understanding are involved a residential tantra course ticks all the boxes . In this event the energies rise creating the ideal atmosphere for you and your partner (if you come as a couple) to be present in an experience that will transform you . Under the guidance of a very experienced facilitator and the techniques he has developed you will find yourself and your approach to love being freed from the old ideas that may be stopping you from reaching a blissful experience of yourself and of your relationship. Because without probing deep into yourself there can be no freedom to truly love. And without being you, what can you bring to a relationship?

In Vesco’s vast experience in the fields of tantra and therapy he has come across many stories of how love failed to blossom or of how when it blossomed it faded out and died. The stories are countless, the reasons for the failure of love we have all heard and may have even told ourselves. The pressures of society, of financial responsibilities. Think how often you hear the phrases” can’t afford to get married”/ “too tired at the end of the week for lovemaking”. You may have even used those phrases yourself!

But during this weekend of love the approach is different. Here we'll explore a new way of relating and understanding your partner. But more so because you too are a partner or wish to be one so it is very important to recognise your own individuality and of bringing your own special self to the relationship.

Too often he has heard the stories of how the partnership began in a blaze of love. Those heady days of meeting and getting to know one another fizzled into a state of boredom. Where what was happening in the kitchen or the bank account mattered more than what was happening in the bedroom.

This weekend of love proposes to address this state of boredom, to bring new life into your relationship or to save you from going down this road. Because love matters and the more demanding life becomes the more important a good love relationship becomes. At the end of a long day in the office, in the kitchen, dealing with rush hour traffic what can be more meaningful than some tender moments with the person you have committed to?

Your relationship doesn’t have to fade and die and go into okay-ish mode. Not if you are careful and take on board the lessons of Vesco’s Valentine’s weekend.

Over the course of the weekend you will learn of:

+ The importance of maintaining your individuality in a relationship that is traditionally seen as two becoming one.

+ The heightened sensuality when you and your partner approach one another as individuals.

+ The increased sexual freedom when you have bared your soul, your true self to the person you have committed to.

+ The freedom to engage in liberating sex when neither of you has something to hide and all fears of or attempts at control have been cast aside.

A tall order you might say but the focus of the weekend is to bring you to this point:

+ Vesco will speak of making love with your mind and not just your body

+ You will learn of the importance of “eyes wide open sex”

+ You will hear of the thrill of having sex with an individual and not just with somebody who is obliged to be with you

+ You will discover how liberating it is just to be you while your partner is presenting him or herself to you just as they are

+ You will discover how this experience can extend beyond the bedroom door and into your everyday life

Because love is not just what we do behind closed doors

It is there in the seemingly casual kiss on the cheek while dinner is cooking

Or in the queue at the supermarket when the credit card has been maxed

Or in the pat on the arm when the bartender is ignoring you

This weekend will teach you how to communicate your love in the little everyday situations as well as in the bedroom when the children are asleep or in the campsite when another storm is gathering!

And after this weekend of magic and bliss and a lot of learning, picture yourself walking out into the spring as the days are getting longer and your enthusiasm for love and all things that make life good is intensified. At New Year we are all urged to make resolutions, set goals for the year ahead. But spring and the days after St. Brigid’s day are the true beginning of the year, the time when new shoots appear and love again flourishes. Why then not set a resolution for this New Year to delve deeper into your love with your partner or with the person you know is out there waiting for you?

The Valentine’s weekend retreat will give you the insight and the skills to help you set and keep your resolutions. The resolution you will carry with you will be to never let your love grow stale but to let it flourish and grow. The skills you will have gained will be in your lovemaking and relating. The prime lesson you will bring with you will be the value of your own individuality in your relationships and the deeper love a partner feels when meeting the individual you, a person apart and yet loving, enchanting yet free....

And these lessons will follow you through life! Contrary to previously held views, the experts now state that love and passion are no longer the precinct of the young. That carefully tended love and passion can last into the decades. Some experts even have the daring to say that a 17 year old man would find it difficult to compete with a 60 year old if the older man had learned the lessons that this weekend promises!

If all of this promises you the kind of life you have been yearning for then it is time to make your booking on 083-1751439

This is the Second Workshop in a series of new level of re-integration of Eastern, Western and Slavic methods in freeing the energy flows within the body, mind and various other subtler levels.

This new and dynamic coupling of traditions guarantees a realistic, constant flow to your experiences and overall healing process over the weekned. The new layers added to the more usual dearmouring retreat will make for a deeper, fuller experience. Everything is amplified immediately.


Testimonials from previous Retreats and Classes

"What does it mean to experience Tantra?

I woke up again last night at about 3am. The pulsation began spontaneously, what was I like, don’t even want to think. This lasted about 20 minutes, not sure. But then I began to think about Tantra.

What does it mean to experience the energy of Tantra. It’s like Alice falling down the rabbit hole. You surrender to it and it takes you on a journey. It brings you into your body. Your body is the rabbit hole, full of mysteries, stories, magic, power.

If you resist, you miss it. Don’t hold back, don’t let fear in. Its fragile, fear can stop it. It shakes up your mind, your body; old patterns of being are bypassed. You think you may risk your sanity but in fact you are waking from insanity. Tantra can show you who you are. Before this you have no clue, you are a walking robot, of programmes. Not free in your body, your mind, emotions or energy. By the time your life force has filtered through all the crap you are left with a small trickle devoid of power. Tantra bypasses this, the crap becomes the illusion, the insanity. True power, true freedom become the reality. What Tantra does becomes clear, how it does it is not so easy to understand. It’s like being in love; it follows no logic, no sense. It’s disarming, it’s different for everyone.

It is the experience of being in that energy called love.
This is just my opinion."

Edel, Cork


"The reason I decided to go to the workshop was to get in touch with the complexity of being a female - ... I have been struggling to incorporate some aspects of my female being into my life. But to suppress them seemed the right thing to do under given circumstances and in order for me to survive the attack of feelings that was so overwhelming after we split up with my ex. And also helped me to avoid falling into same old unhealthy patters or entering a relationship before I am ready for it.

The female part that I know has always been part of me was "mother", but then last year when I met this special guy I suddenly discovered a part of me I did not know exists in me, that "lover" part. And all of a sudden this hidden female came out, taking me by surprise. Special situations require special solutions and Tantra seems to be the answer. You were always very patient with me.

... Anyway, I liked the way you have structured the workshop because it was very relaxing and inspiring, and afterwards I felt much more in peace with me and my life. "

Hana, 28, property administration


"What can I say, deep deep work was experienced on many levels! Profound clearing of the chest lungs heart chakra area!

Which allowed me to experience a wonderful Heartgasm a few days later while making love. I have never felt such a vibration flowing from my heart centre down my arms and out my hands. And waves of love were synchronised with the vibrations. Some emotions arose deepening into love filled vulnerability!

The de-armouring weekend coupled with the intimate encounter helped shift deeper what was already moving and was ready for transformation in the heart. Amazing!!"

Julia, Cork


"Thanks so much. Ready to face the world again, was beginning to think I could not. You have a rare gift."

Marion, Mallow



And remember the weekend is designed for couples who may wish to bring their love to a new level

And for the singleton who wants to set out on the path of love with a deeper understanding of what makes it work

In fact for everybody who feels that love should have more than the mundane to offer and wishes to explore the magic of the ancient tantric love practices.

To book your place on this journey of love

Booking Details

Early Bird price - €350 (until 5th Feb. 2016)
Full price - €390

(Price includes all food, accommodation and tuition over the two-day workshop)

Some scholarship places may be available.

To book your place contact 083-1751439.


The Sli na Bande Retreat Centre is one of the premier holistic centres in Ireland, yet at very reasonable prices. Most of the accommodation is in timber chalets on the property. The location is unique as it is only 40min from Dublin city centre yet secluded and peaceful right at one of the magical entrances into the heart of the Wicklow Mountains. The food has won acclaim among many international teachers as well workshop attendees. Ah, the food ! ... The owners and couple of extra catering stuff have lots and lots of experience running workshops and supporting people, so the space is held beautifully. All these little details are important as they are essential ingredients in ensuring that you have the best possible experience in opening to and learning the techniques during this event. 


Vesco Stefanov, has been the leading provider of Tantra training and therapies in Ireland for many years. Internationally his teaching has been called “an oasis of profound simplicity in Tantra teachings in the West”. His greatest passion is to uplift the human condition and help people realise their greatest potential.

PS. If this Passionate Union Valentine's Weekend appeals to you then you need to book quickly as places are very limited.

PPS. For the price of one and half private sessions you can get two full days of instruction and healing. This is a complete no-brainer to enroll immediately.










































For information and registration for the classes and workshops

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