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Essential Tantra - 2011
Just wanted to share something with you about the Tantra class. Went for a coffee with Patrick and James [names changed for privacy] after class last night and we were all feeling on a "high" and were discussing Tantra and yourself of course and anyone listening would have thought it was a Vesco Fan Club!..... But a comment was made about how you spontaneously decide how the class will unfold and seem to know where everyone is at and how well you do this and that you are an amazing guy and that we are very lucky in Cork to have someone like you here, how glad we are to have found the class and you as it's facilitator, and I was amazed that we all were feeling the same way and it just felt good to be sharing it with each other. Anyway, just thought I'd share this as I don't thing the guys would mind and I think it's nice to acknowledge someone and let them know they are appreciated.

Marina, Cork

Here is a feedback for wednesday night. I did have a peacefull night of sleep. And despite the fact that I felt tired the day after and still had my headcold there was a huge shift not only phisically but emotionally as well. hard to explain but peacefull is the only way I could describe it and happy no matter what.

If I could mention, I had a weird dream about you about two weeks ago, which I could not understand, maybe that is why I was pushed to come to your class, and realisation came on wed night.

So huge thank you. Your work is amazing!!

Marina, Cork

Essential Tantra - cycle Winter Body Armouring Dissolution 2011
"Nice to see your massage advert, it looks appealing at this time of the year when we are all rigid from the cold and for some rigid from worries. Its like Judith says, “The body softens and becomes available for pleasure, the heart opens and becomes available for feeling and the mind clears and becomes available for understanding. We no longer meet the world at the surface of ourselves but through the subtle, internal depth of our whole being. “

And what changes occur, gratitude is heightened for smallest of things, cup of tea, friendships, images of nature, we see with the heart, we engage with the heart, but it isn’t necessarily joy. Like she says ‘the heart becomes available for feeling’, it can be solemn, serious, it can be subdued, it can be quiet, at can even be sad, it can be what ever our truth is.’As it is, this too will pass’. We can be all these things just like the sky can be dark and cloudy. That’s what I liked about the class on Wednesday, the polarised moods, sunny sky on one side cloudy on the other, neither wrong, neither better,I wasn’t envious or irritated by the sunny side, I liked my own, I didn’t want to change but I was open to change if it came, a change in mood. And the class honoured both states. Thats how i see it anyway."

Edel, Cork

Essential Tantra - summer 2010
“Vesco’s weekly Tantra class is effortless. He is remarkably honest and authentic in both his manner, expression and through the flow of the class. Being a very independent person, knowing we create our own realities, and that we are not the source of anyone else’s pain or joy, certainly a healthy place to be in relationships – such wholeness in oneself can have its pitfalls; however Tantra allows me to open up to an even higher level of consciousness, the interdependence that allows me to dissolve into the bliss that is everything.
Tantra allows me to feel the natural essence in which I feel at home in (this does not mean I cannot activate my more masculine parts) – the point being that wholeness in oneself is not necessarily complete truth. This class is a beautiful education in allowing oneself to be taken through a divine consciousness where one can surrender their boundaries through a gorgeous flow of beauty, energy, mind, body, spirit – all entangled in one. Revealing oneself in this way is more risky but certainly what every soul yearns for. And frankly, even though I was resistant to it in the beginning, due to my own misconceptions and ill-education of Tantra – I now thank the Gods for introducing the essence and divinity of this sacredness to me. It has also been hugely instrumental in helping me deal with my personal grievance over the death of a loved one. Everyone should do it.”

Mairéad Whyte – Author

Essential Tantra - cycle Wild Heart 2010
The anger was about being misunderstood ... I couldn't get to anything sensible till a few days later. I felt that if I started to speak I'd still be misunderstood -old stuff that came back at the workshop. I forgot all about 'tools' and was just there, incoherent. I don't know how I had the boldness to just lie down then and be open to receiving... I was really clenched in the heart and left side that night and the next day. At some stage I slept and 'met' this dark, dark purple butterfly. The last few days I've been getting these prompts from my body along the lines of 'hey, feel this' and I put my attention there and there's water flowing, space where there hasn't been for ages. Tension is leaving my body and mind... Here's to sweeter journeys ....

Maria Kelly , 43, East Cork


Essential Tantra - cycle Art of the Impossible 2010
The connecting with the core of Mother Earth (oh my God I've said it!) and Spirit was beautiful. Being so earthed was such a Foundation, the true foundation - and how you 'brought' us there made a difference to me; it seemed like there was no fear or anxiety in you and so no fear or anxiety or efforting based pushing. For some part of my psyche that's huge.

Maria Kelly , 43, East Cork

I was surprised how nurtured I felt at the end of the class. Which continued over the following day as well.

Jana, Tantra Massage Therapist

So the reason I came to the classes, was in part that I want to be more aware and more prepared for any future relationship. I want to have that true expression of self and knowing how to give and how to receive fully and blissfully. I also want to get to know the real me. I want to live to the fullest in everything I do.

What do I get from the classes:

Each lesson has been helpful in developing an understanding of getting inside of me and being aware of the inner self.
The first classes where touch was involved, I am a believer in healing touch so that felt right.
The next week, the breathing while laying down, really electrified me, I had the feeling of being illuminated by the time the breathing was into the third eye,
Last week the gesturing of asking for and giving love was healthy too.
This week.... I have been looking at the moon differently and with more joy, and yes...Those breathing exercises did stretch me physically, however when we lay down after, I really did feel the bliss. I did feel wonderful. I dont know what chemicals it generated, but they were happy hormones anyway.

Ann, artist, Cork

Another amazing class on wednesday, thank you, im speechless since.

Edel, Cork


Following Chakra Journey 08/09
I found it both interesting and different to other things I would have done before,and more so it was real for me. Real in the sense for me when we reached the second centre and I had connected with what felt for me was my own core vibration, (blue light). It seemed to pave the way through the rest of the centres and intensified each week.

On another level I felt that by experiencing my own sensations and vibrations and to follow them through without limiting them I also felt an unlimited vastness, a kind of no beginning, no end feeling and in sensing that wanting to move through. So, yeah, I guess tapping into my own rhythm and fine tuning.

Enjoyed the process very much.

Cathryn O'Sullivan, 34, (hypnotherapist)


Spring '08
I approached my first tantra class with a sense of trepidation, not knowing what to expect but knowing that I needed to go with an open mind. Very quickly I found myself relaxing into the exercises and I have found the instruction to be gentle and reassuring. I enjoy the active and experimental nature of the classes and I am comfortable dropping my inhibitions among the group in a safe environment. I feel more aware of the spirituality of my own body and I am learning how to activate my body’s energy centres to experience more joy more peace and more presence. Although it takes courage, it is wonderful to work in partnership with the other class participants and to realize beneath our external layers we are all quite similar and there is a strong connection between us all. I have noticed a difference in myself in the short time since I began the tantra classes, in that I am beginning to see things differently, I believe I am calmer and I am beginning to see the beauty in many things that I did not see at all before. I am excited about continuing my journey through tantra and I sense that it will lead me to where I am supposed to go.

David, mid 30s, financial adviser


... Workshops

“My girlfriend and I were discussing the workshop at lunch again yesterday and how accessible you made the experience. As I said at the introductory session on Thursday, I didn't know what I was coming to (when I first shook your hand and introduced myself, I didn't even know you were the person giving the workshop) but you were so unassuming I immediately felt I wanted to take part as fully as I could. You struck a tone that made me feel welcome straight away and open to the experience. Perhaps it was a combination of your confidence and the way all the little comments you throw in seem to make some kind of sense. You know, my girlfriend and I are still getting to know each other and she was surprised I was interested in coming back for the day session. Actually for me (and I think for her as well) the two sessions have become a really exciting part of getting to know each other.”

Andrew, Glasgow


Secrets of the Heart , March 2010
I really enjoyed the workshop on Sunday. The energy in the group was much more gentle than in the last workshop. It was nice and constant, unlike the shifting through different levels that I have experienced with you before. The latter causes more of a shake up followed by exhaustion at the end of the day. That didn't seem to be necessary this time around.

The theme of the workshop Secrets of the Heart was really left open for us to create our own experience. You seemed to have no real agenda or expectation of what you wanted us to get out of the day. The exercises were loosely themed on the heart chakra. You have the intuition to sense what is needed, to hold that space for us and to share your energy to pull us forward and help us find our own.

The first breathing exercise with diaphragm work brought me on a lovely journey where I became the pulse of the earth. I was ready for the warm up movement dance and shake to music and that followed by the back to back touching was fun and light hearted. I found the exercise of pulling energy in through the 1 st chakra and out through the heart/chest very powerful, passionate.

The room was nicely prepared with flowers and art work, these brought their own beauty serenity and sensuality to assist us in our work, and stimulating conversations.

It was a day of gentle pampering of our hearts.

Afterwards I felt energised and empowered, followed by a really deep sleep that night.

Edel, Cork


CoCreate, February '10
What does it mean to experience Tantra?

I woke up again last night at about 3am. The pulsation began spontaneously, what was I like, don’t even want to think. This lasted about 20 minutes, not sure. But then I began to think about Tantra.

What does it mean to experience the energy of Tantra. It’s like Alice falling down the rabbit hole. You surrender to it and it takes you on a journey. It brings you into your body. Your body is the rabbit hole, full of mysteries, stories, magic, power.

If you resist, you miss it. Don’t hold back, don’t let fear in. Its fragile, fear can stop it. It shakes up your mind, your body; old patterns of being are bypassed. You think you may risk your sanity but in fact you are waking from insanity. Tantra can show you who you are. Before this you have no clue, you are a walking robot, of programmes. Not free in your body, your mind, emotions or energy. By the time your life force has filtered through all the crap you are left with a small trickle devoid of power. Tantra bypasses this, the crap becomes the illusion, the insanity. True power, true freedom become the reality. What Tantra does becomes clear, how it does it is not so easy to understand. It’s like being in love; it follows no logic, no sense. It’s disarming, it’s different for everyone.

It is the experience of being in that energy called love.
This is just my opinion.

Edel, Cork


Yoga of Love, February '08
The reason I decided to go to the workshop was to get in touch with the complexity of being a female - ... I have been struggling to incorporate some aspects of my female being into my life. But to suppress them seemed the right thing to do under given circumstances and in order for me to survive the attack of feelings that was so overwhelming after we split up with my ex. And also helped me to avoid falling into same old unhealthy patters or entering a relationship before I am ready for it.

The female part that I know has always been part of me was "mother", but then last year when I met this special guy I suddenly discovered a part of me I did not know exists in me, that "lover" part. And all of a sudden this hidden female came out, taking me by surprise. Special situations require special solutions and Tantra seems to be the answer. You were always very patient with me.

... Anyway, I liked the way you have structured the workshop because it was very relaxing and inspiring, and afterwards I felt much more in peace with me and my life.

Hana, 28, property administration

Incredible! I have been to many therapists and healers before but nobody has gone directly and immediately to the source of my problem the way you did.

Maria O'Sullivan, 29, Cork


Dynamic Dearmouring, Nov. '15
The reason I decided to go
I am walking around Dunnes smiling from within. Shoulders back. Feeling bloody amazing and so sexy on the inside.... Yahoo .... I'm a tantric lover. ...

Jane, North Cork


Beautiful the way you described tantra, definitely something that needs to be experienced. On Tuesday myself and my Dad were in my kitchen, I was feeling relaxed in his company and conversion flowed. Life changing for me! as l've NEVER connected with him. In the past l would leave the room when he was in the room, barely saying two words to him, or there would have to be other people in the room for me to stay. Thank you, Thank you so much Vesco.l feel if im healing this issue with my Dad, l will attract a great man l can connect with on a deep level in a loving relationship, something I have NEVER DONE in the past!

Lorraine, Dublin


Hi Vesco, thanks again, processing a lot today. Very suprised at whats coming up... what was blocking me from having deep connection with a man!! So excited to be working through this, helping me getting closer to my man !

Lorraine, Dublin


What can I say, deep deep work was experienced on many levels! Profound clearing of the chest lungs heart chakra area!

Which allowed me to experience a wonderful Heartgasm a few days later while making love. I have never felt such a vibration flowing from my heart centre down my arms and out my hands. And waves of love were synchronised with the vibrations. Some emotions arose deepening into love filled vulnerability!

The de-armouring weekend coupled with the intimate encounter helped shift deeper what was already moving and was ready for transformation in the heart. Amazing!!

Julia, Cork


... Other

Thank you for all you did to set up the Baba Dez workshops and talks. I came to tantra this year for the first time having wondered about it on and off for many years but never having had the courage to try it. I can’t believe I actually broke through my own shell to attend a tantra class. That in itself is a true blue miracle but I am so glad that I did! It has really been the beginning of a transformation in my life. Nowadays life feels full of possibility in every aspect and there’s a joy in life that I don’t think I’ve felt for a very long time. Thank you so much for bringing these wonderful teachers to Ireland. Blessings upon blessings on you and your work.

Patricia, Galway


Hi Vesco hope you are well since we last spoke! I just wanted to tell you that talking to you has really been so helpful in my journey. I am now even more inflamed with the desire to find answers to my questions and I feel I'm getting closer to my dharma every day. Thank you for your openness and your honesty  ...

... I have learnt more about Tantra from your last two emails than in the whole of last year of reading ...

Catherine Brady, Athlone


I am tender at the pressure points, but feeling great. It's the first morning all week I have not woken up with a headache. So happy days. I also feel my energy is much lighter.

Mary, North Cork


"Thanks so much. Ready to face the world again, was beginning to think I could not. You have a rare gift."

Marion, Mallow


"I know it's scary... It's hardcore... It makes you see yourself in every light and in ways you have never seen yourself before. I've seen my strengths and my weaknesses laid out before me... It is scary because it reduces you to your weakest vulnerability and sometimes you don't even know why or what that is... You cling on with all your might to what has protected you all the while knowing you need to let go and just trust...Angelic healing wraps you in wings ... It made me feel safe and really truly loved but by others, Angels the divine whoever... Tantra strips you to the core where you come face to face with the one person who should love you above and beyond all else, ourselves... But there is no belief, trust or faith there.... So you feel isolated, alone and lost with the one thing that scares the most - the shadow side... Yet, the only way is through ..."

Mary, North Cork


"I just want to say a huge thank you for today... I knew by how I was feeling this morning that it was going to be pleasant and it surpassed anything I could ever have imagined... It doesn't have to be physical ... You may need to explain that to others but not to me... Today you transported me back into a time to a place I loved and adored listening to stories relayed by my grandfather which interestingly enough were of battles and war also - the Black and Tan type. More than that you have given me hope.. Hope that I can break free, open, feel and truly sense pleasure and pain... Because one is no good without the other. You truly did bring a gift with you today and for that I sincerely thank you. Huge respect Mr B."

Mary, North Cork


"Just to honestly thank you for your help especially all the distant healing. I was really needing it and is not easy finding someone who is able at such levels ... You advised me to massage the solar plexus. I just want to confirm that I went to the chiropractor a few days ago. She found a problem in a rib close to that area. It was very bad and when she touched, very painful, more than I ever could think. After she adjusted it I felt a massive improvement in the functioning of my solar plexus. The rib is still a bit sore but at least I connect better with myself. It was sad to realise I had not even noticed the problem in that part of my body. Thanks for pointing it out. Definitely there was an issue in that chakra."

Victoria, Galway


"I find the work Vesco is doing with us and our stories and giving us time has been the greatest healer so far.... Reiki is my preference as a top up when issues come up. I also have a friend who is a bio energist so we swop sessions ..... But I've never learnt more about myself since my trips to Cork on a wed night..... The universe has answered my prayers... No more running...

It's the truth. It's the authenticity is what I love. No bullshit allowed..... he he..."

Jane, North Cork


You challenged me and made me look at my behavior and where it was difficult, ego I've realized doesn't like being bruised or dented. I also know I am challenging when I go into those states, I appreciate I misinterpret and I make teaching me quiet difficult. Yet you stayed there like a guardian protecting my transition even when I pushed you away. You remained constant and a steadfast support from a distance.

I will leave 2016 a different person to the one who entered it and I fully appreciate that that is down to the huge support, strength and patience you so freely gave. You are a light in the darkness, a harbor in the storm. Protector of the soul. Thank you for the enormous positiveinfluence you have been in my life, to my soul.

Mary, Cork



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