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The New Cutting Edge of Releasing Emotional Holding Patterns

11-13 November 2016
Holistic Center, South Dublin



Early Bird Prices until 1st November 2016


Join me for a weekend of Tantric Dynamic Dearmouring, a weekend of journeying to the heart of you.

On a journey where under my guidance you will identify the conscious and unconscious holding patterns that are holding you back from having the fulfilling, blissful life that you know should be yours.

A great opportunity for you to explore the blockages that stop the flow of the Life Force through your body and your very being.

We'll work together for you to release those blockages and connect again with your authentic self and prepare for a fuller, freer, more open experience of life where you are you, where your relationship with yourself and others around you is rich, deep, loving.

You will connect again with a sense of your own empowerement. When the blockages are dissolved you will identify the life you really want and continue on your journey to getting it, free from the constraints that held you back.

You may have heard me say that the best way to experience the magic of the Tantric Energy is a longer retreat. Minimum of two days. It takes time to make the transition from your busy-busy ordinary reality to the subtler Tantric sacred space.

Here is that two-day opportunity for you to allow the subtler Tantric energy to do its healing magic on the physical and energetic blockages that may be holding you back from a deeper experience of life, love and everything really.


Why Dearmouring ?

On first impression it appears as a strange word and concept - it can mean lots of things; throwing down weapons, dropping defences, getting ready to yield.

Believe me I have searched for a less militarised term. Yet, the imagery of dearmouring is still what fits best the actual process of releasing the old, the rigid, the oudated personal patterns.

We all have our baggage, our blockages the stuff of life experiences that weighs us down and stops us going forward with a song in our hearts, blocking us from having a fuller experience. The stuff that forces us to build up barriers and defences, hoping to save ourselves from further hurt.

But those very defences that are supposed to protect us can in fact lead to further pain, they force us to retreat from the fuller experience of life. We content ourselves with a limited experience, insulating ourselves behind these barriers, these blockages.

If you are aware that something ,on some level is stopping you from getting beyond the “okay-ish” state of life then this two day experience of Dearmouring may be what you are actually looking for.

Under my guidance you will:

+ Learn how to get to the source of the blockages.

+ Create an awareness of the recurring patterns in your life that your limitations have forced on you.

+ Learn how to remove those physical and energetic blockages

+ Feel yourself opening to a fuller experience of bliss and to a more energetic experience of life , relationships, your sexuality.

+ Realise how a deeper experience of love and intimacy can add richness to your life


But There is More

This is a Tantra Weekend with a Difference

It is Dynamic, New, Different.

My nature is such that I constantly seek for better and simpler practices.

I have also been getting bored and dissatisfied with the Tantra work that is being offered in last few years in the West. It's getting stale, it does not offer much beyond the beginner's level. It's starting to suffer from its commercial success of late.

As usual I only had to ask and an answer appeared fairly quickly. And it is something bigger and better than I have ever encountered in my 25+ years of explorations and experimentations on this mind-body-soul-spirit path.

My intuitions were right all along. There is an authentic, extremely old yet totally fresh and alive tradition.

There is. It exists. And it is beautiful. Both how it feels on the inside and how it transforms everything on the outside. The gentle warmth that rises within from below and spreads all through and heals and enlivens everything on its path. And the vividness, liquid kindness and total connectedness that begins to permeate all external interactions and relationships.

Love is just the lubricant. But there is more. Much more.

Dynamic work is one of these newly discovered gems for me.

Movement sequences, learning to dearmour oneself and another while moving, more actively engaging with the energy bodies are some of these new dynamic practices.

Even the very attitude of moving away from the model of one person receiving and the other giving and into a model of the roles of giver and receiver constantly shifting is a type of dynamic engagement with what-arises-in-the-moment that is much closer to the work of the Tantric adepts of old.

This weekend I begin to introduce some gentle dynamic dearmouring routines alongside some of the more familiar static practices.

It is good to have an overlap between the old and the new. It is good to build on the already familiar.

Plus Dynamic Work is still very new as a concept. So it will take time to get used to it.


On the exciting side of the work ... ooppss, I meant, on the dynamic aspect of the work ;-) you will learn and practice:

+ Easy stretch sequences – to dearmour, release and re-activate deeper muscle groups

+ Standing and movement practices – to begin to regenerate and reactivate inner sensors for movement and balance

+ Dynamic partner work – to bring a higher dose of relevance and immediate application into the realm of your relationships


This is the first proper revealing of my own method of integration of Eastern, Western and Slavic methods in freeing the energy flows within the body, mind and various other subtler levels.

This new and dynamic coupling of traditions guarantees a realistic, constant flow to your experiences and overall healing process over the weekned. The new layers added to the more usual dearmouring retreat will make for a deeper, fuller experience. Everything is amplified immediately.


Testimonials from previous Retreats and Classes

"What does it mean to experience Tantra?

I woke up again last night at about 3am. The pulsation began spontaneously, what was I like, don’t even want to think. This lasted about 20 minutes, not sure. But then I began to think about Tantra.

What does it mean to experience the energy of Tantra. It’s like Alice falling down the rabbit hole. You surrender to it and it takes you on a journey. It brings you into your body. Your body is the rabbit hole, full of mysteries, stories, magic, power.

If you resist, you miss it. Don’t hold back, don’t let fear in. Its fragile, fear can stop it. It shakes up your mind, your body; old patterns of being are bypassed. You think you may risk your sanity but in fact you are waking from insanity. Tantra can show you who you are. Before this you have no clue, you are a walking robot, of programmes. Not free in your body, your mind, emotions or energy. By the time your life force has filtered through all the crap you are left with a small trickle devoid of power. Tantra bypasses this, the crap becomes the illusion, the insanity. True power, true freedom become the reality. What Tantra does becomes clear, how it does it is not so easy to understand. It’s like being in love; it follows no logic, no sense. It’s disarming, it’s different for everyone.

It is the experience of being in that energy called love.
This is just my opinion."

Edel, Cork


"The reason I decided to go to the workshop was to get in touch with the complexity of being a female - ... I have been struggling to incorporate some aspects of my female being into my life. But to suppress them seemed the right thing to do under given circumstances and in order for me to survive the attack of feelings that was so overwhelming after we split up with my ex. And also helped me to avoid falling into same old unhealthy patters or entering a relationship before I am ready for it.

The female part that I know has always been part of me was "mother", but then last year when I met this special guy I suddenly discovered a part of me I did not know exists in me, that "lover" part. And all of a sudden this hidden female came out, taking me by surprise. Special situations require special solutions and Tantra seems to be the answer. You were always very patient with me.

... Anyway, I liked the way you have structured the workshop because it was very relaxing and inspiring, and afterwards I felt much more in peace with me and my life. "

Hana, 28, property administration


"Thanks so much. Ready to face the world again, was beginning to think I could not. You have a rare gift."

Marion, Mallow



Booking Details

Early Bird price - €330
Regular price - €360
Last Minute price - €390

(Price includes all food, accommodation and tuition over the two-day workshop)

Some scholarship places may be available.

To book your place contact 083-1751439.


The Sli na Bande Retreat Centre is one of the premier holistic centres in Ireland, yet at very reasonable prices. Most of the accommodation is in timber chalets on the property. The location is unique as it is only 40min from Dublin city centre yet secluded and peaceful right at one of the magical entrances into the heart of the Wicklow Mountains. The food has won acclaim among many international teachers as well workshop attendees. Ah, the food ! ... The owners and couple of extra catering stuff have lots and lots of experience running workshops and supporting people, so the space is held beautifully. All these little details are important as they are essential ingredients in ensuring that you have the best possible experience in opening to and learning the techniques during this event. 


Vesco Stefanov, has been the leading provider of Tantra training and therapies in Ireland for many years. Internationally his teaching has been called “an oasis of profound simplicity in Tantra teachings in the West”. His greatest passion is to uplift the human condition and help people realise their greatest potential.

PS If this Tantric Dynamic Dearmouring Weekend appeals to you then you need to book quickly.

PPS. For the price of two two-hour private sessions you can get two full days of instruction and healing. If this is not a no-brainer to enroll immediately.













































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