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during the Tantra Summer Retreat

The Gold Boundless Tantra retreat wants to happen again. And since I have been saying that Tantra is more powerful than NLP, life-coaching and related when it comes to providing everyday life improving strategies, there is only one way to test that. (It cannot be otherwise as Tantra has bigger goals and has been doing it for at least 5,000 years longer).

So, Send Me Your Problems whether you plan to come to the retreat or not.... But so I do not end up totally inundated with those let me limit it to 2 problems per person: one from the relationship/love/sex area of your life and 1 from any other.

 People at the retreat will be able to work directly and create their own solutions, obviously. The benefit for those who can't make it will come through the remote ripple healing effect.

(+ Regardless of whether you plan to attend or not, everybody who responds to this email will receive a free Tantric Gift. Mention in your response what would be your ideal Tantric Gift … My advice here is – Check Within first. Let that wish come from within, rather than the mind. Allow yourself to be surprised!)


We'll work with focus, coherent emotion and the state of flow. Expanding a little on my usual 3 Keys. Stalking gently spontaneity, deeper creativity and an authentic way of being in this world.


You will find out,

- Why the generation of ecstatic states of consciousness is an important evolutionary catalyst. And why these must be generated daily.

- How activating the energy vortices within you brings you closer to your goals. And helps opening up and receiving on all levels.

- Why exactly the trademark Tantra practices of balanced union of opposites work so well


There will be

- a new morning practice (no, it is not Dynamic)

- hopefully I'll get together by then my Tantric version of Contact Improv

- lots more on Tantra Massage (since it is becoming so super-popular these days)


Yes, plenty of conscious movement, conscious relating, conscious touch. Both of the mindful and the mindless variety. The latter becoming so scarce these days in healing practices.


As usual for the Gold Boundless I am leaving things quite loose. I want everybody to participate in the organisation in some form – suggest location, provide venue, share inspired ideas… This is my anti-dote to the “full package” offers made everywhere else. This “full package” mentality was and is a big factor in bringing about the larger challenges we face these days - particularly in the economy, and in losing the inner skills to deal with these challenges.

Time/Dates - August bank holiday or second weekend in August, which one do you prefer?

Location - If it is only people from Cork, we can go back to that magical cottage from last summer. If there is sufficient interest from up the country, I am open to move it up ... Maybe another part of Ireland wants our healing this summer.

Cost - last year it all worked out at about 120-150 - accommodation, food, teaching donations. Not bad at all for just over 2 days of workshop and 2 nights of accommodation. So this year it will be something close to it again.


So send problems, and ideas about dates and location to vbondov(@)gmail.com. Questions more than welcome too.

Spread the word too ...





For information and registration for the classes and workshops

please Contact

083-1751439 / vbondov(@)gmail.com