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I am still smiling! (two months after the massage)

Liz, West Cork


You have a magnificently beautiful touch. Words in the language are inadequate and insufficient. And yet I have to say take my word for it. Thank you.

- - -

What was so profound to me, was that you are every bit undeniably, strongly masculine, but your tender and gentle approach totally transformed me from being nervous to completely relaxed. Then the energy could, and did, flow. Thank you for making me feel so comfortable and so safe. I felt totally honoured by your approach.

It feels as if the cells memory is converted from hurt to healed, to ecstatic.... all in one journey.

I am also so pleased to have entered this new understanding for me, that sexuality can be linked so respectfully to spirituality.

I hear what you say about the catalyst of other energies, I am on an absolute high, and feel great, which could be channelled to any area of my life, for good communication, motivation and direction. Im dealing with the new me rather well. By the way, you are a genius..........

Ann, artist, Cork


I lay face down and Vesco began to massage my sacrum and the base of my spine. His hands were very strong and sensitive. I began to sob as the release of grief at the loss of my romantic dream surfaced. Vesco’s hands were very good at instinctively knowing where the hurt was. The sobbing wouldn’t stop. It was a relief to have someone’s hands on me in a way that I have so often touched others in massage. It was a relief to receive. I had recently practised a soul retrieval process where the contract I had made with my missing soul essence was to receive bodywork. I think that part of my soul essence was being retrieved; it was returning. The sobbing wouldn’t stop. Once I was encouraged to let the noises come and to do so for ‘all women’, not just myself the sobs became deeper and deeper until they consumed me with a gut spasm-ing ‘orgasm’ of grief and loss; here was the missing piece! I had not felt safely held in this way before ... Possibly for the first time in my life with Vesco here was a man who was able to be with me, to witness and to hold me in a one to one intimate space without trying to fix me, make me laugh, or leave. On the contrary he was encouraging further release by continuing the massage, by handing me tissues and by not being thrown by the force of emotion. I was given total permission to feel and to express whatever needed to come out. The abandonment, deceit and betrayal of the heart connection to [my recent lover] was only the ‘axis mundi’ to a seemingly bottomless pit of sorrow. My well of loneliness and fear had been tapped into in an ancestral bloodline of sorrow that I don’t even understand or know.

As the massage continued I dropped further and further into a state of deep relaxation. (Once my wracked body had stilled and the spasms subsided, I was finally able to let go of my head which my hands had been caressing throughout, as if to prevent it from falling off, or to hide the shame of being so exposed in my vulnerability, in my drama!)

I felt strangely comatose. I have rarely, if ever, fallen into such a deep state of calm. I was unable to move or speak of the pleasure I was experiencing in the relief of healing massage. Vesco’s hands were strong and intuitive. Occasionally my masseur’s brain would kick in and I would analyse the technique, wish for a little more oil or a longer slower, deeper stroke, but I didn’t speak these thoughts; I was too deeply still to be able to give them voice. I felt my body begin to recover from the shock of the past few weeks of intense emotion. The back of a calf or knee, the arch and heel of a foot. I was beginning to feel restored. A soothing of the shock … sanity in the body again.

I came out of the whole experience feeling ‘Wow’ my body actually still belongs to [previous lover], my ‘yoni’ belongs to him….and there’s not a damn thing I can do about it whether he’s faithful to me or not.

The most significant discovery, at this point, and perhaps the root of the tantric release, is that the ability of Vesco to stay fully present with me through my distress brought about great healing. He was able to show up and be still and open, to be present in his masculine energy, through the breath and the eye contact.

Since then, now three days later and I am feeling very different. Relating to [previous partner] has become easier and softer. Something has settled in me, and I feel a lot calmer and less needy.

Anne, massage therapist, West Cork


I really want to thank you again for the session. It's hard to put into words the sense I had of feeling so safe and so honoured and cared for and treasured by a very present, tender, 'masculine' man... It was wonderful, and it was a connection unlike anything I've experience before. So thank you for allowing me to experience it. Part of me is worried that I've begun to forget how I felt, but I think it's just my mind worrying itself because it wants to :) I definitely still have a deeper awareness of how I feel in my body, or at least I can when I remind myself to be aware!

Fiona, Dublin


"One comes to this world naked, relying on instinct for survival, along the way we lose our ability to intuitively respond to these instincts, we disconnect. A treatment with Vesco facilitates a reconnection. It is an experience created within sacred space where one is enabled to connect with one's body, to heal, to feel, to let go, to move to higher ground. His energy is strong, clear and it enables Vesco to intuitively respond to the client's needs. Through breath and body-work without the need for language I had a fantastic healing experience"

Geraldine, Tipperary


"I have always been curious about tantra but never known anything about it. The opportunity to dip my toe in to it had arisen before but I got cold feet and decided against it. Then finally i decided to go for it and I am so glad i did. I arranged at the very last minute to have a private session with Vesco which was absolutely amazing and look forward to being able to have another one in the future. From the moment I entered the room he made me feel completely comfortable so I was able to talk openly with him. The session was the most intense but wonderful experience I have ever had and I don’t think words could properly describe it. All I can say if you are thinking about having one then don't put it off. I then attended one of Vesco's workshops the day after as I wanted to discover more. I really feel having the private session helped me open up therefore I got a lot more out of the day workshop because of it!"

Nicole, Glasgow


"I had the feeling that something had changed in me after the session...I felt bubbly and light and happy. This feeling didn't last more than a day or so but  after I found that I was more sure of myself and not worried or fearful about my relationship and sex. I still feel like this...more relaxed and easy in my sexuality, (more relaxed in male company generally I think) and because of that more relaxed as a person. 

On a concrete level I am much more alive sexually and able to relax into sex and  let go into the experience...I am feeling more creative sexually..it's more fun now!...like I have been 'opened up' in some way. I use the breathing technique during sex sometimes and breath into  sensations... this works well for me. I am feeling pleasure more ...in fact the last time we had sex I felt a huge surge of energy coming from my sexual organs and my partner  said that he experienced something similar though this was after sex and was in his lower back. It feels like I am in a process of exploration with my partner now...

I have been slow to write to you as I wanted to see how things would be over time.. I do feel I am alive in this area of my life now and I think  your input was the spark for that. "

Mary, Co. Clare


"Thank you for amazing massage on Friday ... have kept with the breathing n feeling good, dancing round the kitchen n more positive so thank you very much"

Carmel, North Cork (delivered by mobile phone text - as the person has had a number of medical issues over the last few years and expressed a general lack of self confidence and not feeling good about herself, so the feedback should be read as evidence for a significant transformation four days later)


"Last night I drove home thinking "I am free". Free of the constraints that I had been allowing bind me to,at times, difficult past and restrict my enjoyment of all the options that life could present me with. Personally I have always believed that life is good and has so much to offer but when I came to you some months ago I was looking for, what I do not know, but for something that would add a little to a reasonably stable life and bring it from the level of existing to the level of enjoying and living, to a level where a good day would not end with a throwback to darker days.

My understanding of tantra at that time was very limited. A word that had suspect connotations etc. Yet it called me and I went along thinking "OK, it may not solve my problems but it's worth a shot". And along I went thinking "if I don't like it, well, I don't have to go back. "How wrong I was!". Ten or so weeks later I am still going back to your sessions. You put me utterly at ease from that first meeting. Making it easy to talk openly and honestly in a way I had not done for a long time. Through your combination of talking, listening and bodywork you helped me to understand the issues that had been haunting me and the factors that gave rise to them thereby setting me free.

Today I find myself light and free as if the proverbial monkey had been removed from my back. I want to laugh and dance - and will have to get your suggestions on that - was it the talk or the superb massages that brought me to this point I cant tell, except to say that both seem to have worked exceptionally well for me. I feel honoured to have been a recipient of your tantra!"

Marion, Mallow


 "Just to say that while I know it must be frustrating for you to massage someone who you feel is non responsive at that time, I want to continue going to you and would like you to work with me on that.

The fact is there were aspects of the massage that felt so beautiful and being touched like that felt beautiful. I could have stayed like that forever. You see your passion for what you do really comes through in your massage. I can feel the passion. I felt it the last time so I don't know what happened after.

I will be going on a personal journey this year, the water and lipotrim diet, the coming off of medication and I want to include these sessions in that journey.

I trust you completely and I feel relaxed with you. I just need to get out of my damned head. So I hope you don't see the last evening as a failure, it's just a journey which I hope you'll partake in with me."

Therese, Tralee


"Surprised how this works! Curiosity, do you know what l am clearing, the softness l felt is not something l was comfortable with. Thought if you are healing issues it had to be painful or aggressive. l see how effective the softest touch can be so healing. Yesterday I felt disappointed in myself thought you didnt get in deep enough, because l was resisting. It hit me this morning every 2-3 hrs felt tightness at heart chakra. Then visions of what was clearing, continued all day. Writing it down helping me look at all aspects of this. Vesco you have an amazing gift. Thanks so much for all your help."

Lorraine, Dublin


Oh, it IS!! [pussy feeling more alive] It really is!! You should see the colour of it it's amazing. It's like blood is going down there for the first time ever!! Lads did I ever think I'd get so excited over my pussy. My nipples even feel different, I feel different. I even feel sexy and horny. It's mad but in a fabulous way. I've been smiling all day and checking out if the colour is going to drain. It's so funny. Who'd have thought it.
Thank you, even though that feels so minute in comparison to what I got out of it. I Thank you. My pussy thanks you.

I feel alive Vesco for the first time in years I feel really connected, happy and alive....
thank you so much

Mary, Cork


Every woman should feel this way, it's such a wonderful feeling and it feels amazing. More importantly though men should be taught how to make a woman feel like this with or without toys. A lot of it is just down to giving time. As a woman I need to feel safe, to allow trust to enter. Only then was I able to surrender and let go to the amazing feelings that began flooding my body. The energy was amazing and so much more satisfying than clit orgasm. To think I almost prevented this experience from ever happening due to fear, conditioning and being on guard. The hard work getting to here has been worth it and even if the future requires as much hard work to have another experience like this, it will be worth the work and effort. I thank you from the deepest depths of me.

Mary, Cork


Observations from last night [last session] ... my breasts appear fuller, they are more rounded and definitely fuller, it's amazing. At some stage last night I tried to position the ears [of sexual massager] to go into the normal orgasm that I would experience, I feel I was most likely in my head at that moment... the interesting thing though was you had the energy awakened and that energy felt more powerful so it over rid the mind impulse. Having that happen allowed for that amazing experience to happen and whether I did or didn't squirt doesn't matter because whatever happened all my body feels like it has expanded and bonded together. Its like all the segments I had created finally opened their doors at the same time and for the first time ever I got to feel what it's like when everything in me works and flows together.

I don't know if that will happen again but to feel that experience even just once was amazing. I feel so light inside me, in all of me legs, arms, torso, head. It's fabulous and fantastic to feel like this. All I ever wanted was to have experiences before I pass onto my next path [next life], last night I reached one goal at least and you have no idea how grateful I am to you for supporting me through it.

Mary, Cork






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