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Relate To Liberate
Workshop, Sunday 21st August 2011, 9:30am-5pm, Dervish, Cork,
Cost: €80 (contact Vesco for special pricing)

The promise of Tantra is that it liberates us from fears, worries, anxieties and deeper unhealthy patterns which separate us from fully embodying the power of the Life Force. The realm of relationships is where the alchemical fires of transformation burn strongest. Though most of us expend most of our energy in longing for or moulding an external Other, the ultimate relationship is with the own Self.

In this one day workshop we begin with that tension between internal and external relating. The sacred exploration covers body awakening, full sexual potential, emotional agency, communication styles.

Practices will include, but are not limited to:

- Body energy charge-release cycle. You need energy in order to be able to relate. Especially if you want to taste the potential of relationships to continue growing and evolving as a person and soul .

- Gender prejudice towards own or opposite gender - a very common unconscious drain of erotic=relationship power. Yet, fairly easy to resolve.

- Battlegrounds of Intimacy - 1. As we are in our most intimate relationships so we are everywhere else. 2. Are you able to sustain a core sense of self in relationships? 3. Without the closeness, love, hope, trust, support of an intimate bond, are you actually living?

- Practicing alone is the foundation of practicing together. Get to know your emotions, sensations, the qualities of your deeper feelings.

- Breath, Ecstasy, Transformation and Becoming a Lover. Are you a giver or taker in love? Do you drain your partner? How aware are you of love as an internal, self-generated state of consciousness?

- Master "surrender" rather than "sacrifice".

- Realise that you are more when together.

What if each Relationship can become a Liberationship? In love, at work, with your children, with nature, with the cosmos, with your Self ...

Suitable for singles and couples.

All practices fully clothed.

Room is smallish, so places are limited.

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