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Question: I mean if you do the work naked, what are you saying? Why be naked? What is the point in it, you know?

Answer: Being naked in neo-Tantra psycho-sexual work comes from the Tantra tradition of being "sky-clad". That is, no masks, no garments to hide behind, no layers in between. Literally and figuratively Bare, Naked!

And actually something amazing always happens in Tantra workshops when there is naked work. Sometimes everybody acquires a kind of glow and I feel I am among Spirits rather than humans. Other times it's exactly that honesty and not having anywhere to hide. At other times it is just the sheer extra power that appears out of nowhere ... There is definitely something mystical and mysterious once all or most people relax more into their bodies.

As Margo Anand says, "Trust the teaching. It has survived over 5000 years for a reason".

Plus a huge part of the Body Ed(ucation) happens through the Embodied Presence of the Therapist/Teacher.

This is one thing that I see only in Tantra - how the bodies emanate. If somebody says that he/she has done 5 - 10 - 20 years of Tantra, the first thing I check is how the body feels. If a person has done a few years of regular neo-Tantra, their body literally emanates light (for women) which I perceive with my "other sight".

So the Body Ed, yes, there is constantly an emanation and transmission around the body of a Tantra teacher and experienced Tantra therapists too. A lot of people (clients), usually women, mention that the first thing that impressed them was how in the body the therapist or the teacher was.

The good Tantra work is nothing else but that transmission on body-level between the body of the teacher and the body of the student.

Breath is the main thing in Tantra and after that is embodiment. "If you realise the mystery of the Body, you realise the mystery of the Universe" is one of my favourite sutras.

As with everything else in this work disrobing is optional and entirely at the discretion of the individual person. At more advanced level the layers fall away on all levels. It's kind of natural. Or for some practices it is essential, eg. body reading.





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