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Mindfulness and Manifestation

A glimpse into my usual Post-Workshop Notes:

The Neurotic Mind cannot manifest.

That is, we are at the mercy of what was put in us by parents, schooling, media.

If we want to gain control of our lives and begin to manifest the reality we desire (live our dreams), we must calm the mind and experience these calmer states on a regular basis.

One of the reasons why I do not like that much the term Mindfulness is because it gives a wrong goal. Because it is in states of Mindlessness that we manifest and we manifest faster (usually manifestation is instantaneous if we enter a state of true mindlessness).

So the Calm Timeless Mind manifests.

Mind is Time, they are the same thing, this is important.

The thought process creates Time.

Mindlessness is Timelessness, Eternity.

Thoughtlessness = Mindlessness = Timelessness

Related here is that you are NOT your thoughts. You are the Gap between your thoughts.

The capacity to go beyond Time is an aspect of Yoga that I doubt is mentioned much in the regular Yoga class these days.

But this is exactly what is behind Ha-Tha, the Union of Sun and Moon.

It is interesting that if one meditates on transcending Time, almost immediately experiences of Spaciousness begin to happen. So Time and Space are very closely related. And one can be used to affect the other. Somehow being able to manipulate Space is a little bit more believable to us these days.

So, it is good that Meditation is "entering through the back-door", i.e. psychotherapy and stress-reduction, but let us keep recalling that Meditation is one of the greatest consciousness technologies available to us, humans.

This is our heritage, this is the stage of evolution we are at, this is the current frontier.

Then, of course, there is the whole area of how sex can help us enter deeper and deeper Meditation states.

And how the coming together (including the pun) of Male and Female in intimate connection speeds up and enriches this process of Playing with Time and Space, and living our dreams and propelling the whole Universe further on its path.








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