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The Secrets of The Jade Egg & Tantric-Shamanic Bodywork

Talk & Demo - Thursday, 14th April, Cork City Centre
Carlos Jalon: Tantric-Shamanic Bodywork - Awakening Bodily Consciousness & Uta Demontis: the Secrets of the Jade Egg

Carlos works in a way unlike anyone else. In this demonstration you will have the opportunity to see Carlos' unique way of working in action. Carlos will give a demonstration whilst also giving a talk on the methodology and his experience. You will also practise some of the techniques. This is a gr eat chance for those of you planning to attend his workshop to see what it is all about.

Uta will talk about the Secrets of the Jade Egg.
In ancient times those secrets were only shared with women in the royal courts. The practice was known to give women youthful energy, longevity and extraordinary skills as lovers. The Jade Egg serves as a key tool for awakening and cultivating sexual energy. The practice is deeply healing on all levels. It serves as a tool for us women to reconnect with our whole Self and honour and appreciate our sexuality.

Fri, 15 April - sessions (Carlos / Uta)
Sat and Sunday, 16-17 April - Workshop - The Tao of Love - Secrets of the Jade Egg(Uta)
Sat, 16 April - Workshop - Tantric-Shamanic Bodwork (Carlos)
Sun, 17 April - Sessions (Carlos)

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The Secrets of the Jade Egg

with Uta Demontis

2 day workshop

This introductory workshop will offer the opportunity to explore the Jade Egg. Discover secret practices that Taoist Masters previously only taught to a very small number of women in the royal courts in ancient China. Those practices gave them youthful energy, longevity and extraordinary skills as lovers.

Learn exercises to enhance your sex life, have more powerful orgasms, increase libido and sexual energy and maintain healthy sexual organs in this very informative and practical workshop on how to use the Jade Love Eggs. And how to connect more fully to your own divine feminity and inner essence.

This workshop is facilitated by Uta Demontis – Dakini, energy practitioner, sacred sex coach and teacher of the Taoist Sexual Arts. Uta is a certified Universal Tao instructor teaching the Taoist sexual practices brought to the West by Master Mantak Chia.

The Jade Egg serves as a key tool for awakening and cultivating sexual energy which is our life force energy. Sexual energy - the creative life force energy - drives the universe. The Jade Egg practice serves as a key tool in increasing your sexual energy. Not only do the practices increase creative life force energy but they also reconnect us with our Feminine essence.

We all know that it is necessary to exercise our body to stay in good physical shape and that in order to have healthy sexual organs and great sexual energy one equally needs to exercise the sexual organs.

If you, as a woman, would like to reconnect fully with your whole Self and honour and appreciate our sexuality and Yoni, and to bring sacredness and love into your relationships with Self and partner, then this would be an opportunity for you to learn how.

Venue: Dervish, 50 Cornmarket Street, Cork

On Saturday 16th & Sunday 17th April 2011

Cost is €200 (concession €180)

women only

Uta's website: http://www.manawa.co.uk/
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Tantric Shamanic Bodywork
with Carlos Jalon

Carlos has been practising and teaching since 1985. He trained in England and India in a wide variety of massage techniques and body therapies, while undergoing his own development through Kriya and Hatha yoga, Kabbalah, metaphysics and rock climbing. He also trained in Chavutti Thirumal, a powerful system of massage by foot. He now treats using his hands and feet, with or without oils. Clients can be dressed or undressed depending on the nature of the treatment or what is comfortable for the client.

Following his interest in human energy systems he qualified in acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, and has developed a comprehensive multi-layered approach to the release of blocks and stresses throughout the body, incorporating the essences of Western and Eastern techniques. His personal experience of releasing his own pains and somatic blocks is central to his ability to ‘read' the body and retune its energetic systems.

Carlos' work combines the integrated essences of all that he has studied, experienced, and developed through his healing work. He is intuitively responsive to the needs of the client and works at the level most appropriate. A treatment may be simply a deeply restorative massage, or an insight into habitual patterns. When trust and safety have developed, physical clearing and alignment may be accompanied by profound emotional releases, restoring integration, vitality, and joy.

With 25 years of experience, and although Carlos has a client base that is 95% women, the teachings presented here in a context of men treating women, are equally relevant to men and women.

About the training:

Tantric-Shamanic Bodywork


Awakening Bodily Consciousness


The psychosomatic principles of ABC
Teaching: Men (or women) on women – friend/partner/lover.
The workshops are for therapist + non-therapists


Learn the therapeutic, loving and erotic aspects of ABC
Quickly and effectively be able to give a 15/20 minute treatment.

Carlos's website: http://www.shaktiman.me.uk /

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