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I Love Thee

We danced tonight

We danced

You never touched the ground

Suspended in between the mirror like stillness of the river Lee
And the cheeky twinkling of the myriad friends of yours above

All your family above, all those bright sparks filling up the cosmic firmament

You were my beloved Skydancing Woman

I watched the beautiful twists and twirls of your feet

Each move transported me eons ago (or was it ahead)

You were shaping universes by the sensual de-light-ful slow twirls of your feet, made of stars, full of galaxies

Oh, How I love Thee by the river Lee
Oh, How I love Thee

The time of year now when the Book of Fate is open for writing for the next year

It is 2012, not just any other year, not just any other opening of the Book of Fate

Yes, I prayed tonight for your womb to help more souls come into this world
I love that womb of yours
I loved your pregnant body, wow, how I loved your body full of that new life

The more I opened to that love the more strength it gave me

There is so little written about how a Father grows as his child and as his Woman grow

Another Trinity Dance
Yes, In the name of the Mother, the Father and the Holy Child

Yes, each Conception, Gestation and Birth is the creation of a new religion
Whose God is fallible 

It is important that it is an imperfect religion

Oh, how I loved Thee by the river Lee

Just where our little son was born

The little squidgey wrinkled crinkly beautiful piece of life that popped out of you while you were still in your birthing orgasm

How grateful I am and always will be that I shared these moments with you
That you trusted me to support you through this first birth of yours
Feeling your skin on me, feeling your weight, feeling your effort, feeling the minutest transformations in you

How I wish I had loved you more, Shee

How I wish I had managed to completely erase that stubborn ego of mine and just be there with you
To have fully shared the times you gave yourself to me 

But you kept catching me unawares

God, what a fool I was not to love you more
Not to grab you and hurl you into the Sky
Back where you belong my beloved beautiful Skydancing Woman

How I wished I had loved Thee more, longer, forever by the river Lee

Memories were pouring tonight from this and other lives
We have danced together so many times before
We have danced
I have drank in your dance
I have lost myself in the mesmerising twirls of your graceful feet again and again and again

I have drank the swirls of your hips, I have swam in your eyes
How I love the joyous blue cheekiness of these beautiful Irish eyes

Yes, let me take back for once all the nonsense I may have uttered against anything Irish

Because I love Thee
Because the eyes of my heart are opened tonight
The tears of sadness quickly turn into tears of joy
Yes, because I love Thee
Because I have loved you Before
Because my love grows more and more

So what if you feel I am not the one for you

I can wait for after this life
maybe another life, maybe another few

But nobody can take away my love for you, Shee

You did crack me open once again!
God, how I hate when you aim your sledge-hammer at me
When your heart-crasher pounds me into the ground

But the Pain only shows where the Bliss will sprout after the tears wash out the ground
Tantra is spot on once again

My dearest Skydancing Beloved Woman
How blind have I been
How un-present, un-attentive

Why did you not pound me harder with your heart-crasher

Ouch, I was just saying the other day I could not take any more
And here, I am asking for it again

Yes, now I am greedy
I want to fill and fill myself with all these dancing stars filling my chest now
With the wonder of your graceful feet weightless travelling through my chest

Words fail me again
Yet I am full and overflowing with amazing images, feelings of you dancing in mid-air
You are lost in your world
You are lost in shaping universes
You are lost in your dance
You are full of that dance

And I have fully merged with this pristine Beauty that is You
With the sensual sexual red hot passion that is You
With the stillness, awayness, transcendance that is You
With the practical, grounded, caring, worried, responsible motherliness that is You
With You, the You I will never be able to grasp, define

Why do I fill myself with this love when you are already gone, my Skydancing Beauty

How I miss that powerful Shakti that is You

How easy I shirk away and fly away from that power of Yours

Yes, my fantasy is that we get one more chance
To stay together one more time
In a little house somewhere
And there are no remarks and no negativity
Just the shared space, the shared bodies, the shared love
And the shared wonder at the growing boy-miracle we created

We travel a little, we merge with the elements for a little
We share delicious food
We play
We let our little boy teach us his play
Then we lose ourselves in our adult play, bringing each other into one gentle ecstasy upon another

So what if this may not happen
It gives me comfort right now
It restores my wholeness
It turns my pain into something that talks with the stars

Oh, how I wish you had been here tonight to see the stars gently caressing the glass-perfect stillness of the river Lee

Oh, how I wish you had been here tonight
My Beautiful Skydancing Woman

To see the stars write the year ahead onto the open Book of Fate
That book all around us and in us

How you raise me in your sky-dance my beautiful Air Woman

I have loved ye Skydancing Women
I have loved ye
The yellow, green, blue, red
The silver and gold
The pure light
I have loved ye since before this Universe sprung up around here

How I loved Thee by the river Lee tonight

So much love in this city of Cork for Meeee still

My bare feet kissing its streets tonight
In my sheer healing madness
Drunk on starlight, visions of graceful feet, and the gentle bursting overflowing out of my chest
Something about the Sky meeting the Core of the Earth and the river Lee right in my chest

Some alchemy out of the Religion of Three

Hey, Sheee, how blind have I been






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