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Gold Boundless Retreat, July, '08

To break with yet another of those "unwritten rules" , here's my quick review of last weekend's retreat.

The location was exceptional. The weather perfect. The land quiet. The Full Moon as generous as ever. I never realised it was the Guru-honouring day (in India). But then I never knew that places like this still existed in Ireland. All the participants were Irish. Very unusual for that type of work in Ireland in my experience over the last 10 years. But obviously I have also graduated to facilitate an all-Irish retreat. Powerful healing happened between Irish Women and Irish Men. I had put this only as an after-thought on my initial description of the retreat (this description is always my energetic mandala and blue-print for the work), the possibility of working on deeper healing within the Irish Psyche. And it became the main focus. I am learning a lot about further subtleties and modalities of the Pain within the Irish Psyche. I guess, no better man, that pain fascinated me for so many years. Still, it feels that in the last couple of years I have learned more than in the previous 13-14 years. Which also means I am better at drawing it out and sending it on its way to the happy hunting grounds.

It was handy to have Drombeg Stone Circle so close too. It was natural that we'd visit. Once again I was blown out by the power of that place. So many insights, so many deep personal healings for me, so much gratitude in witnessing the Irish doing their own healing on their own land... A chance rolling of the tongue brought an association between "key" and "ethnic origin". I still do not know what it means. But ethnicity is a key to something.

It was so profoundly nice to spend two full days in Sacred Space, in Healing Space, in Mystical Space. It was so profoundly integrating, and a little scary, to drink Silence from such a deep source... I keep thinking of the view from both the meditation room and the kitchen. Because of the slope of the land and proximity of the ocean, it felt we were constantly floating between Ocean and Sky. Now that I think of it, the far horizon kept the fires of inspiration within me burning and helped me keep my focus. How Tantric, a! To dissolve in the Horizon as a way of arriving into the Now ... Yeah, I really need to travel a bit to lands with higher skies ... like my home-country, for example ... Spirit soars easier away from civilisation.

So good to spend two days in Sacred Space ... That says it all ...

And only an hour's drive from Cork ... Let's see if I can make it into a monthly event. To drink the Silence of Nature and in that way inspire and keep on track the search for Inner Silence.




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