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Expanding Love
Workshop, Sunday 22nd April 2011, 10am-5.30pm,
Yoga Healing Glasgow, Unit 7, Mansfield Park, 22 Mansfield Street, Glasgow, G11 5QP

It is no accident that this historic 2012 is starting with a complete rebalancing of the male and female energies. Lots, if not all, of the social-political-economic structures have been crumbling around us for the last 4-5 years. Now, the basis of all Relating and Co-Creation on the human plane is receiving the much necessary cosmic fine-tuning. It is as if the Universe is looking humanity straight in the eye and asking: "Will you believe in Love?" 

But how do you Give Love and how do you Receive Love at these higher vibratory frequencies and faster pace of transformation? How do you keep bringing more Love into this world? 

Of course, Tantra will always say, Start Right Where You Are. Keep making love, keep opening, keep dancing with Life. Yes, making love brings more love into this world. Whether with a partner, or with nature, or with yourself. Ideally with all of Creation. 

So in this one-day workshop we will use the ancient, yet always fresh and new, Tantric practices to renew ourselves and our relationships in order to openly and consciously navigate personal and planetary transformations. 

We will work with Pure Consciousness in order to:

- Connect with Self (Source). Which is the only way to experience the authentic fun of relating.
- Learn to manage our energy. Getting stuck in, neither being too much out there, nor being too much in-here, is not healthy.
- Shift the patterns that hold us back from love. Especially for those still longing for a deep and lasting connection with a soul mate.
- Recognise and become the vibration of the love you desire.
More advanced energy practices will open new worlds and dimensions within your intimacy and sexual practice. 

We'll gently revolutionise your success in any relationship through:
- touch techniques; improving your communication skills; and general personal and spiritual growth

"You were thinking all along that love brings togetherness. I am not saying that it does not bring togetherness, but unless you are alone you cannot be together. Who is going to be together? Two persons are needed to be together, two independent persons are needed to be together. A togetherness will be rich, infinitely rich, if both the persons are utterly independent. If they are dependent on each other, it is not a togetherness - it is a slavery, it is a bondage" ~ Osho

Suitable for singles and couples. All practices fully clothed.

Held in Yoga Healing Glasgow in Glasgow’s West End 
(Unit 7 Mansfield Park, 22 Mansfield Street, G11 5QP)
On Sunday 22nd April 2012, between 10 am and 5.30pm

The special introductory price will be £70. (£60 if paid no later than 15th April)

Vesco will also give a mini workshop in the Theosophical Society of Glasgow on Thursday 19th April 2012 between 7pm and 9.30pm (cost £15 if paid in advance, or £25 on the door)

Vesco has over 10 years of facilitating his beloved Tantra. He is as fascinated today as the day he started with the spontaneity, depth, ease and joy of the Tantra Sacred Space. Vesco has practiced 5 Rhythms for over a decade and practiced Judo and other martial arts for over 20 years. He also has a background in academia, in economics and social theory. He works in a highly intuitive way that brings about deep healing, rebalancing and release of energy blocks. (more>)

Vesco will be offering private sessions on Thursday, Friday, & Monday, 20,21,& 23 in Prestwick
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For further information please contact Gillian by email on gillian@sacred-touch.co.uk  or by phone on 07913 906 343 or see www.sacred-touch.co.uk/ events or www.meetup.com/ Sacred-Heart-Tantra










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