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When I lay down on the treatment bed I closed my eyes and I was just aware of Vesco at my right side moving his hands through the air around my body.

Subtle ripples of energy started to course through me and I felt my body  tremble.  I didn’t know that this was supposed to happen, so I tried to shut it down but it was just growing and growing in intensity. I asked Vesco about this and he said to just let it happen. I relaxed with the feeling  and the tremble was flooding  through every cell and muscle. It felt like a full body orgasm. My body was moving of its own accord as the energy pulsed through.

Vesco  pressed down with his hands  around my face and jaw and head, which seemed to have the effect of relaxing my body further into the pleasure and releasing any resistance I had to the sensations. My body instantly responded to the slightest touch like when he brushed his finger tip lightly over my skin, or when he placed a finger close to my lips, the orgasm intensified.

After the session he left the room and it took a few minutes for the sensation to subside while I layed on the treatment bed. It left quite a nice stillness in its wake.

I had watched a short video of Energy Orgasm a year or so ago and I remember thinking at the time, there is no way that the guy is giving her an orgasm without touching her. But now that I have experienced it I am a believer. I don’t know how it happens , but it does.

Vesco was professional and attentive and I completely trust him. I have been to him for massage twice before. He does this work with integrity. I hope you get a chance to have a session and I hope it is exquisite for you too.

Kathryn, Cork





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