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Discover Tantra
2-3 April 2011
South William Str., Dublin

A unique 2-in-1 introductory workshop. Experience the power and depth of self-discovery by opening to tantric energies in the self through safe and trusted tantra meditations and practises on the first day. This creates the perfect grounding for the second day, when you will learn how to share and merge these beautiful energies with another through the sacred art of tantra massage and ritual.

For most people, the word Tantra sounds very exotic and mysterious, laden with strange and foreign sexual connotations. For some, it sounds exciting. And for some it is terrifying. Actually, there is no reason to be afraid. Believe it or not, Tantra is not just about sex. It is really all about how to consciously create the life of your dreams!

Does knowing that help you to feel a bit safer about tantra?
Would you like to know more?
Perhaps even ready to experience some tantra and learn some life-enhancing tools?

Tantra is a practice which deepens self-awareness and brings more aliveness to everyday experience… tantra also invites an exploration of how we relate to and connect with others, giving us a helpful reflection of our own sacred connection to our inner divinity. This weekend event will be a gentle and fun introduction into the world of tantra and tantric practises … a safe and supported exploration into the world of tantra where myths and fear will be dispelled and replaced with clarity and understanding.

Tantra can be fun, light and joyful!

This event is intended to take you into an experiential self-discovery of tantra by leading you through a series of simple and easy exercises, rituals, breath-work and movement. It is an opportunity to learn how Tantric practices can enhance every aspect of every day of your life.

"Tantra is a powerful journey to self discovery, personal empowerment, greater pleasure and joy in life, enhanced enlightenment and personal mastery."

Open to any individuals, couples of any age, gender and orientation. Please book early as numbers are limited.

Special Introductory Price of €180 per person – registration and payment is required to secure your place. Payment may be made by PayPal (€185 to cover fees), cheque or bank transfer.

Contact the facilitators for more information and bookings.


Lynn Paterson: 00353(0)876 175 069
Email: angels.lynn@yahoo.co.uk
http://www.onehearttantra. com/

Lynn is an internationally respected and loved tantra teacher and facilitator originally from Scotland and now based in West Cork, Ireland. She is available there and in various locations when she travels. To find out more about Lynn and her services please visit: http://www.onehearttantra. com/

Vesco Bondov – 087-2518895, vbondov(@)gmail.com, www.TantraIreland.com

Vesco has just over 10 years of facilitating his beloved Tantra. He is as fascinated today as the day he started with the spontaneity, depth, ease and joy of the Tantra Sacred Space.

Happening soon! Act quickly to discover what magical gifts Tantra has for you this April weekend.



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