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The Big Love Gathering and Training

Are you ready to let Love flow in your body, your relationships, all of your life?

22-27 August 2017
Holistic Center, South Dublin



Early Bird Prices until 14th July 2017



We've all heard that Love is the most powerful transformational force in this world.

We all know deep down that Love can heal anything

We all feel it even deeper within that Love is the only thing that gives meaning to our everyday struggles and sacrifices.

Yet, how often can we honestly say we experience this highest of feelings ?

How many minutes per day do we spend lost in that most nourishing of states ?

Or is minutes per day too optimistic?

Maybe seconds per day is more realistic ?

Per week ?

Per month ?

Per year ?

If any ...


So I decided, let's go right for the heart of it all.

Let's focus on unblocking the flows of Love within our bodies, within our relationships, within our lives.

Let's remove all guilt, fear, shame.

Using all the tools of emotional release, bioenergetics, Tantra, meditation.

Fully engaging with Breath, Movement, Sound.

Fully engaging with Intention, Visualisation, Journeying.

Calling in all seen and unseen forces to finally help us break through current stucknesses.


Let us feel the "Encouragement of Light".

As the poet put it



Did the rose

Ever open its heart


And give to this world

All its



It felt the encouragement of light

Against its




We all remain

Too Frightened."


Yes, otherwise we remain too frightened.

And is it worth living in that too frightened state.

Obviously that cannot even be called life.


Actually once again I witnessed the healing and positively transformational power of self-love, pleasure, fully being with own desire over the last 4 months as I was part of that Core Erotic Essences training.


It is incredible to observe people as they barely make their first steps in discovering and accepting their own patterns, own habits, eventually their core essence.

Little by little cracks emerge.

More and more light begins to get in through these cracks.

Until eventually, almost despite all the work that went into it, they arrive. 

Big smiles on the faces, bodies awake and alive, senses wide open.

And that was online.

Imagine how much more real and long lasting it is when it is a full on 5 day retreat.

(Not to mention that I am borrowing from similar longer events whose formula has proven very successful last few years. But I can do it cheaper as I am keeping it smaller and generally my expenses are more reasonable).

Find Out Your Core Erotic Personality

We'll also go deeper into finding out own Erotic Core Preferences. A recently emerging body of sexological work which is transforming the lives of anybody who has been introduced to it.

This is important work as it enables you to know better what you want in the bedroom and what you need to work on. It is also invaluable in tuning into the needs of your partner.

I will be using a lot more from now these Erotic Core Preferences as they really are one of the main missing pieces in the big sexological puzzle.


Complete Your Summer On a High Note

It has been a good enough summer weather-wise so far. We've enjoyed the heat and brightness of a bit of a real summer. The retreat is happening during the last full week of the summer months. Use the build up of that warmth and light and to further break through and release anything that may be stopping you in your life. There is no substitute for a properly structured a little longer retreat to release holding patterns and finally begin to live the life of your dreams.

If all of this promises you the kind of life you have been yearning for then it is time to make your booking on 083-1751439


Testimonials from previous Retreats and Classes

"What does it mean to experience Tantra?

I woke up again last night at about 3am. The pulsation began spontaneously, what was I like, don’t even want to think. This lasted about 20 minutes, not sure. But then I began to think about Tantra.

What does it mean to experience the energy of Tantra. It’s like Alice falling down the rabbit hole. You surrender to it and it takes you on a journey. It brings you into your body. Your body is the rabbit hole, full of mysteries, stories, magic, power.

If you resist, you miss it. Don’t hold back, don’t let fear in. Its fragile, fear can stop it. It shakes up your mind, your body; old patterns of being are bypassed. You think you may risk your sanity but in fact you are waking from insanity. Tantra can show you who you are. Before this you have no clue, you are a walking robot, of programmes. Not free in your body, your mind, emotions or energy. By the time your life force has filtered through all the crap you are left with a small trickle devoid of power. Tantra bypasses this, the crap becomes the illusion, the insanity. True power, true freedom become the reality. What Tantra does becomes clear, how it does it is not so easy to understand. It’s like being in love; it follows no logic, no sense. It’s disarming, it’s different for everyone.

It is the experience of being in that energy called love.
This is just my opinion."

Edel, Cork


"The reason I decided to go to the workshop was to get in touch with the complexity of being a female - ... I have been struggling to incorporate some aspects of my female being into my life. But to suppress them seemed the right thing to do under given circumstances and in order for me to survive the attack of feelings that was so overwhelming after we split up with my ex. And also helped me to avoid falling into same old unhealthy patters or entering a relationship before I am ready for it.

The female part that I know has always been part of me was "mother", but then last year when I met this special guy I suddenly discovered a part of me I did not know exists in me, that "lover" part. And all of a sudden this hidden female came out, taking me by surprise. Special situations require special solutions and Tantra seems to be the answer. You were always very patient with me.

... Anyway, I liked the way you have structured the workshop because it was very relaxing and inspiring, and afterwards I felt much more in peace with me and my life. "

Hana, 28, property administration


"Still bathing in the energy the beautiful magical energy from Wicklow (9 days later). I have shared with many the lovely weekend we experienced. I gained so much from your weekend and your teachings and Tantra massage. I thank you so much for allowing me to attend and experience all the magic on offer. I know it comes from inside each one of us and we create our feelings to dive swim and breathe the massage I know your safe trusting loving container allowed me to be myself. As I said to you and my masage partner participant I hold this for ever deep within. I feel in life once and a while when you have these incredible feelings and experiences. Wow. This is what makes life so lovable enjoyable fulfilling and worthwhile. I really want to thank you again Vesco from the bottom of my Heart and for you to know how deep a personal and shared Tantric experience this was for me. Sending you all the love in the World wise one and loving one".

Eoin, Dublin


"What can I say, deep deep work was experienced on many levels! Profound clearing of the chest lungs heart chakra area!

Which allowed me to experience a wonderful Heartgasm a few days later while making love. I have never felt such a vibration flowing from my heart centre down my arms and out my hands. And waves of love were synchronised with the vibrations. Some emotions arose deepening into love filled vulnerability!

The de-armouring weekend coupled with the intimate encounter helped shift deeper what was already moving and was ready for transformation in the heart. Amazing!!"

Julia, Cork


"Thanks so much. Ready to face the world again, was beginning to think I could not. You have a rare gift."

Marion, Mallow



The retreat is suitable for both singles and couples.

If you are a couple, it is guaranteed the workshop will deepen your connection.

If you are single, this event can clear emotional blockages which prevent you from attracting the right person or keeping that partner.

To book your place on this journey of finally freeing the flow of Love in all of your life

Booking Details

Early Bird price - €670 (until 14th July 2017)
Then - €740 (until 31st July 2017)
After that - €810

(Price includes all food, accommodation and tuition over the two-day workshop)

To book your place contact 083-1751439.


The Sli na Bande Retreat Centre is one of the premier holistic centres in Ireland, yet at very reasonable prices. Most of the accommodation is in timber chalets on the property. The location is unique as it is only 40min from Dublin city centre yet secluded and peaceful right at one of the magical entrances into the heart of the Wicklow Mountains. The food has won acclaim among many international teachers as well workshop attendees. Ah, the food ! ... The owners and couple of extra catering stuff have lots and lots of experience running workshops and supporting people, so the space is held beautifully. All these little details are important as they are essential ingredients in ensuring that you have the best possible experience in opening to and learning the techniques during this event. 


Vesco Stefanov, has been the leading provider of Tantra training and therapies in Ireland for many years. Internationally his teaching has been called “an oasis of profound simplicity in Tantra teachings in the West”. His greatest passion is to uplift the human condition and help people realise their greatest potential.

PS. This mini-retreat is for people who are finally ready to let go of anything that may be stopping them from living a rich, full of joy, and pleasure life. Enquire and book only if you know that more Love will make a real difference in your life.

PPS. Focusing fully for 5 days on yourself in order to make a bigger transformation in your life is both easy and difficult. Easy because the format and nature of practices emphasise ease and flow. Finding our own ease is an important component of all practices. And difficult because you need to be ready to change. When it comes to it you'd need to really want to change your current situation in order to fully benefit from attending this training.











































For information and registration for the classes and workshops

please Contact

083-1751439 / vbondov((@))gmail.com