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Accelerated Evolution
One-Day Tantra Immersion

Traditionally, only those with most compassion chose the lightning fast path of Tantra to achieve higher spiritual states. Only those among us who had chosen to incarnate in order to help others.

Today, the once secret teachings are available to everybody. This highest possible synthesis of love and meditation is spontaneously re-discovered in other traditions. And becoming an essential set of skills to survive, thrive and find highest personal fulfilment in the current turbulent times.

- Learn practical tools to transmute fear and attachment into love.

- Master simple step-by-step meditations in order to access the deeper powers of the body and transform your love-making and relationships into the spiritual experience they are meant to be.

- Discover how by becoming more conscious your choices will become more profound, more aligned with happiness.

8th November, 9am-5pm
Olive Tree Yoga Studio
Off Camden Str, Dublin

Individuals – € 97
Couples – € 147

You have an unlimited unbounded being.

Are you open to all possibilities? …

  Om Mani Padme Hum in Tibetan  




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